Servant Leadership

As a servant leader, I am driven to support my local and global communities through meaningful service. From my hometown in Buffalo, NY to the mountainsides of rural Nepal, I work to serve others through thoughtfully organized fundraisers and community service.

Changing Lives Nepal

To raise awareness for Fair-Trade products, I hand bagged and sold looseleaf tea for the holidays of 2016 and 2017. All proceeds were donated to an organization called Changing Lives Nepal, a non-profit that works to catalyze effective change in Nepal through methods such as organic cash crops. I raised approximately $1000 for this organization.

A thank you note and tea sachet from the founder of Changing Lives Nepal.
Stitch Buffalo

During the spring of 2016 and 2017, I sold hand stitched heart pins made by refugee women in Buffalo, NY. All of the proceeds supported returned to the organization Stitch Buffalo as to support the livelihood of these women. In total, I raised over $1,000 for this organization.

Buffalove heart pin.
The Bulb

After interning with the Bulb during the summer of 2018, I now volunteer with this organization. I assist with food rescue missions and farmers markets. My work helps provide those in food insecure areas with fresh produce from local markets and urban farms.

Donating rescued food to the Catholic Charities food bank.

Such work to support those in my community resulted in recognition through the Faculty Prize at Nichols School and NFJC Dr. Joseph Manch Award .

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