Modern Dance




Atmospheric Choreography. This is a subset of modern dance in which I find myself most free to explore. The premise is this: creating an aura of the choreographer’s choice through the use of movement, lightning, and enhancing materials. Below, you can see a piece I choreographed called “Dance at Dusk. This piece was performed in the Student Union at Davidson College. The selection of space accentuates the fact that, within modern dance as a whole, the world is a stage. You can never be constrained by the confines of a stage or theatre setting, for dance can happen anywhere at any time. The same applies for Atmospheric Choreography, a term I have coined and will continue to explore.

Enjoy these two dances I choreographed Spring semester of 2018 at Davidson College. I have been a modern dancer and choreographer for the past six years. While I danced with the Nichols Dance Ensemble in middle and high school, I decided to continue dance as a student at Davidson with the Gamut Company and Dance Ensemble.