What I am Looking Forward to . . .

This upcoming August, I will be traveling to Shanghai for a study abroad experience. I am looking forward to so much: walks on the Bund, new classmates, diverse fashion; but most of all, I cannot wait to get my hands on some baozi (包子). These delicious little pouches can be filled with anything from pork to red bean paste. These tasty little guys are hard to find in the US, so you bet that in Shanghai, the first thing I’ll grab is a steaming hot baozi! 很好吃!

Poetry Post 1.


Sacred parole, essential misdemeanors 

Tear but daily strains in our prison groves.

Touch the fuchsia figures

Run past train tracks

Into my hazed hands:

Pink sky is corrugated

Purple trees sweaty;

But parley the apprentice:

His tempo: spacious

His misery: far animal

But handsome

My Patent Experience

As I continue along my journey with Z Spools, I approach a significant milestone: filing a utility patent. My patent experience began last summer when I filed a provisional patent (allows you to safe guard any intellectual property for a year). Because I pitched Z Spools at a competition that was filmed in the spring of 2017, as to maintain the ownership of my IP, I filed a provisional patent knowing that I would have one year to complete necessary research as to compile data for a utility patent. Well, the time has come! It is July 2018 and I have one month until this deadline arrives. Currently, I am on track to reaching this goal which is perfect because in late August, I leave for Shanghai for a study abroad program! Things are looking up!

So happy to be on this intersecting path of sustainability and technology; Just a day in the lab working with my filament!

Behind the Logo

Welcome to my website! This being my first official post, I would like to take the time to elaborate upon the selection of my logo.  The initials “LJ” stand for my name, Lorena James. The three symbols beneath represent my Chinese name “金兰睿.“  This name was given to me in fifth grade in my first Chinese class. Today, I continue to enjoy learning the language and diving into Chinese culture as a traveler. I chose the symbols in my logo represent each character in my name: the first “金 (jin)“ means gold; the second “兰 (lan)” means orchid; and the third “睿(rui)” means wise.” Having related to these characters and symbols for the last nine years, they remind me to strive for greatness, look for the beauty in life, and seek guidance from the wisdom around me. What do these symbols mean to you?